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Mich Elle  recommends BowenWorks for a Balanced Body.

Yesterday at 8:36 AM · 

Bowen is making such a huge difference in my life. Most recently it resolved serious leg cramps and pain that tortured me for 2 months (my muscles felt like they were being ripped apart). Three different Drs all had different opinions and none worked. With One Bowen session Robert Comellas was able to use his Bowen training to stop them. It’s been about 7 weeks and they have not returned. 
I’m continuing my Bowen therapy because I have degenerative spine disease and triple neck fusion. This has helped with my chronic pain and depression and anxiety that come with being in constant pain. I no longer take pain meds every day. I look forward to my sessions with Robert. I get so relaxed and pain free that my body feels very light and relaxed. 
I highly recommend Bowen for physical injuries, preventive medicine and overall mental clarity. ♥️♥️♥️  I’m so so thankful. Also I should add that I’m sleeping sooo good. Good bye ambien! 
When I was having those horrific cramps I dreaded bed time. Hot packs, heating pads, I literally spent hundreds of dollars on co pays, supplements, and lotions! Bowen stopped it in about 90 minutes. AMAZING! You are Amazing!

Marci Fulton   recommends BowenWorks for a Balanced Body.

August 24 at 7:33 PM · 

Absolutely amazing and unexpected outcome - highly recommend to all

I have been twice so far and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Just two visits in and all the pain I have dealt with for years is almost gone. I walk flat footed again, my left shoulder is not killing me, and my lower back is feeling amazing. Thank you BowenWorks for a Balanced Body!!!

Eddie Ray Sisco  recommends BowenWorks for a Balanced Body.

August 24 at 7:14 PM · 

So 3-4 weeks ago I was having extreme pain when turning my neck to the right or left, or twisting my body in any direction. To top it all off my back and shoulders were also bugging me.

So my wife suggested that i try Bowenworks, with Robert Comellas since having my 4th session my range of motion with my neck has greatly improved. My flexibility in my hips and shoulders has improved immensely and are not causing me any type of pain.

Bowenworks is incredible and Robert you are amazing! Thank you for what you do.

Danna Street  recommends BowenWorks for a Balanced Body.

August 27 at 3:47 PM

Thank you Robert for helping me. It is very encouraging to find there is actually something that will relieve some of the symptoms of MS (multiple sclerosis). I have had leg and hip pain for years. Recently it has been excruciating, at times bringing me to tears. After 2 sessions, no more pain, no more pain meds! I can tell you are truly a caring person, with a gentle technique, always concerned about my comfort. I am looking forward to more sessions of easing the spasticity in my legs!

Nathan Miller-West  recommends BowenWorks for a Balanced Body.

August 23 at 4:03 PM

BowenWorks has been great for me. Very gentle yet effective. Robert has a great bedside manner and is very caring and compassionate. He really wants to make you feel better above all else. I highly recommend at least giving it a chance if you are in pain.

Tamey Rae Hargrave recommends BowenWorks for a Balanced Body.

July 30 · 

Robert can’t believe the difference you’ve made on my back and neck, so much tension has been relieved, so happy you got hold of me, couldn’t have come at a better time, I’ve had relentless pain for so long, you have amazing healing hands, I appreciate you so much, anyone with constant pain like me needs to come to you, thanks for coming to my aide! For anyone that doesn’t understand Bowen technic, it’s nothing like a massage, it’s designed to release facia tissue! It’s amazing therapy, I had never heard of it until Robert got hold of me! Thank you again and again Tamey Rae Hargrave